For Falcona Campers – A Follow-up

This is a followup to my previous blog  – Memories of a Falcona Camper.

Apparently the lodge I recall from Falcona Camp has been demolished.

Great news is that Gary Gray at the modern day YMCA preserved and shared the words from “taps”, hanging from the lake facing wall at the lodge. Gary obviously appreciates the tradition.

Words lose their impact seen on a web-site or mobile browser. Grateful to Gary and the Rannie Family for their obvious efforts preserving these memories.


Oh too-lur-ra, lur-ra, lur-ra

lur-ra bye-bye

You can have the moon to play with,

Or the stars to run away with,

If only you don't cry.

Oh too-lur-ra, lur-ra, lur-ra,

lur-ra bye-bye.

In your mammy's arms she'll rest you,

And soon you'll be asleep.

Oh too-lur-ra, lur-ra, lur-ra

lur-ra bye.

Day is done. Gone the sun.

From the lakes, From the hills, From the sky.

All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Night on Nelson Lake is falling,

Nature's calling all to rest.

And we know that God will help us

Give to others that which we count our best

Abe we know that in his might,

God will help us guard what's right.

Help us to be closer to Thee,

This is our prayer tonight.