Extracting members from Jive

For you fellow “Jivers”, Jive is a powerful social engagement platform. I’m new to the platform, but I’m a fan for sure.

I’m presently working for a company implementing Jive, and like others, we are interested in running analytics against our membership. So far as I can tell, Jive Cloud has no functionality to export a full member list other than profile completion reports that contain only a subset of member data. (please correct me if I’m wrong)

We were interested in measuring registrants from third party companies vs. our own company – a metric that is surprisingly hard to get in Jive. Fortunately the Jive REST API makes this easy, and the answer is just a few lines of code away.

I just thought I would document this solution for others who will likely run into the same issue.

Not everyone is a Linux person I know, but if you are trying to solve this problem, below is my quick and dirty fix written in bash (born again shell).

If you need a simpler solution for non-Linux folks, I’m I’ll be posting a PHP script as Part 2 to this post shortly.

 echo "" > user_list.txt
 for i in `seq 0 100 500`;
 echo $i
 curl -v -u <username>:<password> "<your Jive URL>/api/core/v3/people?fields=emails,-resources&count=100&startIndex={$i}" \
 | grep value >> user_list.txt
 echo `cat user_list.txt | wc -l`