My new midi desk

A couple of years ago I bought a Yamaha S90-ES – coolest keyboard I’ve ever owned. I’ve often joked to my friends that Michelle only allows me to have 3 pianos in the house at a time. I also have a Meyers acoustic grand (with Schimmel action – good story behind this) and an older Roland 5600-EP from Campbell Douglas keyboards in Ottawa – still my favorite keyboard store.

Best keyboard I ever owned – S90ES

Having a little more time on my hands the past year, I’m getting back into my midi hobby. I have my eye on several new sound modules.

Thinking big, I decided that the place to start is a good quality midi desk. Those who are into this stuff know that sound modules can be expensive, so I decided I need a sturdy desk to house them. After googling the topic for days and looking at desks costing thousands of dollars, I came across this studio desk for under $500.00.

My son Jamie and I assembled this RTA Studio Producer desk below this past week from Musician’s friend. I would recommend it. Excellent value for money.

Great thing about RTA Studio is that they assume you are filling every space in the rack mount areas. Thankfully Jamie installed the 19″ rack mount screws. (there were hundreds of them)