The Hidden cost of open source

On November 27th, 2012, I delivered a web seminar on the hidden costs of open source HPC software with Louise Westoby, the Global Director of HPC product marketing at IBM. Louise is responsible for the Platform Computing branded IBM products.

The focus of this seminar is how some organizations fail to account for real costs when weighing the pros and cons of open-source software. In  the web seminar, we cover a product called IBM Platform HPC that blends the best of open-source and commercial software. We’ve developed a spreadsheet based financial model that can help organizations weigh the costs and benefits. This is mentioned in the web seminar, but I can share a copy for anyone interested.

This web seminar was based on a whitepaper I wrote called “The Hidden costs of open source”. I was pleased to see this profiled in an IBM web seminar. I’d be honored if you would download it an view it at:

Information about the seminar itself is at the URL below. You can view the replays after registration, and I would value your feedback.

Hidden cost of open source webinar

Hidden cost of open source webinar

All the best.